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Greetings, friends! Its finally happened: The long anticipated merging of our two mediocre blogs into a Gestalt-like one. Figuring Jesse’s mom needed a break from switching from page to page (hi, Melinda!), and not wanting to lose Amy's three readers in South Korea, we have decided to keep our friends and family updated from the same internet home. Newly armed with an iphone, this blog will be a collection of pictures, recaps, and ramblings from a pro triathlete and elite runner. Jesse has been racing triathlon since 2007, turned pro shortly after, and has posted several top-10 Ironman finishes. All-in for Cozumel, he used last summer to plan his assault on the 2013 Kona Pro Rankings. Amy is a former division one swimmer turned triathlete turned elite runner. Two summers ago, she decided to stop cycling and swimming in pursuit of marathon glory. The result was a 47-minute PR and sub 3-hour finishing time at the 2011 Tucson Marathon. She has four years until Rio 2016, during which she will transform her 5K pace to marathon pace and qualify for the Olympic Trials Marathon.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Track 5K

by Amy
after the race, rubbing salt in the wound

A few weeks ago, Jesse and I experienced another first - our first foray into track racing at a local 5k. After we'd committed to the race, I realized our PRs would put us dangerously close to each other as Jesse finished and I had one lap remaining. Thus, my goal was born: I was NOT going to be lapped by Jesse V. His goal followed: He was going to take me down. The week leading up to the race was tense. Jesse called me the devil on twitter. My Sonoran Distance Project teammates rallied behind me. We forced our St. Gregory track all-stars to take sides. Then, Bernard Lagat showed up to spectate the race. This may have been because he has kids who run track (our 5k was an open race during a high school track meet). Or, maybe he caught the buzz and wanted to support the most over-dramatized 5k in Tucson amateur running history. The world will never know. Just as I was going to introduce myself to him (I stalk professional runners all the time), a high school coach blocked me and began talking his ear off. I'm still devastated.

The gun went off and Jesse went out hard. I went through 2 miles in 11:20something, which put me in contention for a 5k PR. Except, my legs felt terrible. I kept pressing and Jesse kept making up valuable track space. I knew it was going to be close. With less than 200 meters of my 2nd to last lap remaining, I glanced back. Jesse was within seconds. I closed my eyes. This was for women everywhere. I kicked as if I were finishing my race. Actually, I was, as this was the only "race" I cared about. My lungs, legs, ears, and eyeballs were burning, and the finish line felt an eternity away. I opened my eyes to cross it and discovered that I had achieved my goal - Jesse V was two seconds behind me. He finished in a 16:34 PR, but I "won" our race. I shamelessly jogged the first 100 meters of my final "victory" lap, finishing about 15 seconds slower than my PR.

Thank god that's over and we can be friends again. Congrats on another PR, Jesse V!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Don't Call It a Comeback

Don't Call It A Comeback
by Jesse

As most of you know, I was sidelined last fall with the worst sickness I have ever endured. My last triathlon was in September, making this the longest forced break from racing since I began in the sport. The result? Waking up last night in a pile of sweat thinking about my first tri next weekend. I had a dream that I forgot my race bottoms, forgot how to swim in open water, couldn’t get on my bike, fell in T2, and didn’t pack shoes for the run. After six months, the butterflies start early!
Thanks Rachel McBride for the camera magic!

I am smack dab in the middle of a huge training block stay-cation. For the first few days, I was fortunate enough to be joined by an old friend Brett. He left me solo to cap it off. Tonight the battle ensues with a 5k on the track, where I must lap Amy. It is going to be brutal. Then I will cap off the weekend and have a little reprieve before the first triathlon of the season. Don’t call it a comeback!

Here is the Spring Break Block for your reading pleasure:

Friday (kick off!) –    Masters Swim – 1hr
                        Run - 45min
                        Bike -  2 hrs up Lemmon welcome Brett!

Saturday -              Bike – Shootout with Madera – 5hrs
                        Run – 45 later on!

Sunday-         Bike – Kitt Peak – 6+hs

Monday-         Swim - Masters 1hr
                        Run – Aqua Caliente with Addy! – 2hrs

Tuesday-                Run – 45min
                        Bike – Mt Lemmon – 4.5 hrs
                        Run – 30min

Save your Life Pepsi Mexican Style
Wednesday-              Swim – Masters 1 hr
                        Run – 1 hr with 2miles on the track
                        Bike – 1.5hrs and 1hr bike fit

Thursday-               Bike – 3.5 hrs with work
                        Run-  30min OTB

Friday-                         Swim -Masters 1hr
                        Run – 5k battle to the death

Saturday-               Shootout with Madera 5hrs

Sunday-         Run – 2hrs Hills!
                        Swim 1hr
I am hoping this training camp will give me the legs I need for the first triathlon of 2014. I am very excited to be with some awesome sponsors this year. First, I am thrilled to continue to represent Zoot as my title sponsor. Amazing people at a great company. Additionally, I am riding a new CD0.1 Quintana Roo, making this my fifth season on a QR. I am also back on Powerbar Team Elite! Powerbar is the best in the business. For my day to day food, I am lucky enough to be supported by the highest quality food company out there, Wellfood Co. Finally, on my eyes I am protected by Smith Optics. Lets face it, life is more fun with Chrome Pop! I am also still with my good friend and coach Elliot Bassett. He knows me better than I know myself.

Smith Optics FUN!
This is what happened last season, a year during which I did not put it together when it mattered. I hope the huge break will leave me fresh and ready to go when it counts this year. Notice the PR’s at little races that matter less and the flops at the big guys.
New Well Food Co Helmet on the trainer..

Where I am coming from:

Race Results 2013
1/13 Sun Run 10k 9th Overall 34:52 (PR)
3/2 Desert International Triathlon 3rd Pro 1:49 (PR)
4/14 Leadman Epic 125 Tempe 3rd Pro 4:26
5/4 Wildflower 70.3 25th Pro 4:45
5/12 Tucson 5000 5k 12th Overall 16:41 (PR)
6/2 Rock and Roll San Diego 1:15.40 (PR)
7/7 The Great White North 70.3 5th Pro 4:08
8/25 Ironman Louisville 9th Pro 9:38
9/15 Savageman 70.3 3rd Pro 5:13
9/23 Tinfoilman Sprint 1st Overall 58:20
10/6 Run and Roll 8k 9th Overall 27:20 (PR)

This is where I am headed. I have strapped on a bib number a few times for fun this season, but the tri season is about to start. I hope to perform at the three Ironman races on my schedule and use the rest as fitness benchmarks along the way. In order to do that, I will be racing them to the best of my ability. Last season, I failed to  capitalize on my opportunities to showcase my fitness. In 2014, I plan to do just that. I hope to keep it going tonight on the track, gunning for a 5k PR in the middle of the training block.
Don’t call it a comeback!

New Rig! Thanks Trisports for the build and Fit
Race Schedule 2014
1. PF Chang’s Phoenix Marathon- 2:44.07 (PR)
2. Old Pueblo 24hr MTB race fastest lap – 1:09:47
3. Mountain to Fountain 15k – 52:17 (PR)
4. Leadman 125 Tempe
5. St. George 70.3
6. Raleigh 70.3
7. White Mountains Half Ironman
8. Ironman Lake Placid
9. Ironman Chattanooga
10. Lifetime International Triathlon
11. Tinfoilman Sprint Triathlon
12. Soma Half Ironman
13. Ironman Arizona