One Is Better Than Two

Greetings, friends! Its finally happened: The long anticipated merging of our two mediocre blogs into a Gestalt-like one. Figuring Jesse’s mom needed a break from switching from page to page (hi, Melinda!), and not wanting to lose Amy's three readers in South Korea, we have decided to keep our friends and family updated from the same internet home. This blog is a collection of pictures, recaps, and ramblings from a pro triathlete and elite runner. Jesse has been racing triathlon since 2007, turned pro shortly after, and has posted several top-10 Ironman finishes. His eyes are on Ironman Lake Placid, Ironman Chattanooga, and Ironman Arizona in 2014. Amy is a former division one swimmer turned triathlete turned elite runner. In 2011, she decided to stop cycling and swimming in pursuit of marathon glory. She has since won several races, including the 2014 PF Changs Rock n’ Roll Arizona Marathon. Her sights are now set on qualifying for the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Mountain Half/Taper Time

by Amy

It's official - the marathon build that began during our Adirondack honeymoon is coming to a close. Today marked the beginning of a two week taper filled with rest days, reduced mileage, and a few sharpening workouts. As I reflect on the past few months, I can honestly say that I've had a blast training for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon! After doing most of my workouts alone in Lake Placid, I've only had one solo effort since returning to Tucson in July. In addition to the workout days, I've had training partners for nearly all of my easy runs. This has made getting out the door extremely effortless, even in the middle of those 100 mile weeks. So to Jesse, Autumn, Pete, Lucas, John, Caitlin, Dari, Diane, Tia and the other "rec center girls," all my SDP teammates, and everyone else I've run with in the past few months...thanks for making it so fun!

Teammates! Carrie joined the Tucson crew for the day!

Speaking of fun, Autumn and I ran our last tempo run on Sunday during the A Mountain Half Marathon. The workout called for 16 miles total with the last 10 at 6:10 pace. We had to modify this slightly since we'd be running up a 1.5 mile mountain road 5 miles into the race, but it ended up working out really well. The goal was 5 miles at 6:10-6:20 pace, hold a steady effort on the mountain, and do the last 5 miles at 6:10 pace or faster. I was hoping to not only nail marathon pace, but to feel controlled and relaxed while doing so. I'm happy to report that the race was a success on both fronts, and winning some prize money was icing on the cake! It was a fun morning running with my SDP teammates and Tucson friends.

Our pack for the first 5 miles! Thanks to the goatographer for the this shot!

Top of the mountain! It's all downhill from here....


Here was the rest of the week. I've cut out the weight training now that the marathon is close, and have been doing core work and my usual foam rolling/stretching every day.

Mon 10/13
AM 10 miles
PM 4 miles

AM 12 miles with strides

AM 10 miles with 8x400 with 400 easy jog in between each. Ran them all between 77-79, except the last one in 74
PM 4 miles

12 miles with 2 x A mountain road to get ready for the race

10 miles

10 miles with strides

16 miles including A Mountain Half in 1:23 with 10 miles tempo at 6:10 average pace

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Marathon Mind

by Amy

This was included in my order of Genucan! Thanks for the inspiration, Meb! 

There are 17 days until the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, and it's pretty much consuming my mind. Every run, stretch session, and dinner with Jesse is dominated by thoughts and conversation about running 26.2. I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm (almost) ready. Running has felt especially good the past few days, which always helps matters. Here was my training last week:

Monday 10/6
AM 10 miles easy

AM 10 with drills and strides
PM 4 easy

14 miles with 10 x 1 minute strides at 6 min pace.

12 miles hilly with Jesse and Autumn after the rain storm...awesome run!

AM 10 miles easy

20 miles with 3x3 miles with 1 mile recovery in between sets. Ran the 3x3 in 18:43, 18:18, 17:31.  Felt really strong!

AM 8 miles easy in PHX then brunch with my teammates!
PM Core workout with Jesse

Other fall break happenings: Haircuts for both of us and an October gel manicure for me!