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Greetings, friends! Its finally happened: The long anticipated merging of our two mediocre blogs into a Gestalt-like one. Figuring Jesse’s mom needed a break from switching from page to page (hi, Melinda!), and not wanting to lose Amy's three readers in South Korea, we have decided to keep our friends and family updated from the same internet home. This blog is a collection of pictures, recaps, and ramblings from a pro triathlete and elite runner. Jesse has been racing triathlon since 2007, turned pro shortly after, and has posted several top-10 Ironman finishes. His eyes are on Ironman Lake Placid, Ironman Chattanooga, and Ironman Arizona in 2014. Amy is a former division one swimmer turned triathlete turned elite runner. In 2011, she decided to stop cycling and swimming in pursuit of marathon glory. She has since won several races, including the 2014 PF Changs Rock n’ Roll Arizona Marathon. Her sights are now set on qualifying for the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Training 9/8-9/13 and Happy Birthday Jesse!

by Amy

enjoying some honey samples with killer bee guy in Bisbee
Last week was awesome. Here's why:
102 miles of running
22 mile long run in Bisbee
33 years of JV kicking ass!

Monday 9/8
AM 8 miles
PM 5 miles

AM 10 miles with drills/strides
PM 4 miles, ART with Melissa

AM 14 miles with 3x3 miles at MP with 1 mile easy in between each. Ran them in 18:30, 18:28, 18:18.
PM Weights

AM 9 miles
PM 5 miles

AM 12 miles
PM 3 miles

AM 10 miles with drills and strides
Drive to Bisbee!

AM 22 miles with Jesse around Bisbee. We kept it steady hard and threw in several challenging hill climbs on a dirt/rocky road. Type 2 fun, for sure! (more fun when it's over)

Bisbee was a great weekend getaway. We went to CafĂ© Roka for Jesse's birthday on Saturday and it lived up to the hype. Sunday's 22 miler was fueled by Malbec, Zinfandel braised short ribs, and Nutella cheesecake, and we felt strong throughout the run! After the run we took Addy into town, ate brunch, looked at art, and drank coffee while discussing the Sunday New York Times. It was perfect. Happy Birthday, Jesse V!

I want this chair!

thinking of you, Well Foods Company!

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Racer's Dilemma

The Racer's Dilemma

Much to Amy's dismay, I hem and haw over my race calendar all season. I look at who I think will be where, which races will have stellar fields, and which races might have weak fields. Then I go back and forth on the positives and negatives of each potential race. For example, St. George was totally stacked, and this gave me people to race the entire time. Yes, some of the nearby competition may have been female, but they were the fastest in the sport nonetheless! On the negative side, I was racing for something like 34th place.
Then I found some races like White Mountains Triathlon - great prize money, fun location, much smaller field. The positives of these races were obvious - I was able to win! While my victories did not allow me to break tape, or get a cardboard check (two of my goals in the sport), winning was fun as always. The negatives? I spent the entire run off the front and could have run faster if I was chasing people.

I had planned on racing Ironman Chattanooga this month. Then school started, and flying to a race alone seemed like a lot less fun. I asked Ironman for a homestay and recieved a pretty curt reply. So, I started looking around and found two great races I have never done. The first is the oldest race in the sport, Superfrog, and the second is a new race - Challenge Rancho Cordova. Both of these race directors have been amazingly welcoming, each giving me the feeling that they really want me at their race.

I have no idea what the fields will be like at Superfrog and Rancho Cordova, nor do I know what I am missing by not racing Ironman Chattanooga. I am a little sad because any place named Chattanooga must be awesome. However, I am super excited to race Superfrog in San Diego and stay with our awesome friend VB. Charisa W. is racing and she is a class act, so it will be fun to throw down with her again. She is also headed to Rancho Cordova, and our coach Elliot Bassett will be there. Elliot and I race at dangerously similar speeds. He edged me out last time we battled, and I am excited to see how it plays out! I hear some other athletes will be there as well - maybe even some other top females that I can try to hang with on the bike!

The take away is this. There are so many races, and so many seasons. Find the races that make you happy. Unless you have controlling sponsors, it is YOUR race calendar. Find out what motivates you, and maximize it! Have fun while you are at it. For 98% of us, including pros, this is a glorified hobby, right? It should be FUN!

Enjoy it.